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Our mission statement

Glocal HR Concept GmbH is always oriented towards people and the sustainability goals of the United Nations:

Partnership to achieve goals

We work with clients and skilled/ un­skilled workers in the source regions, and local resiĀ­dents in the target regions as partners in a team.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

We promote and secure inte­gration and equal opportunity through integrated citizen dia­logues. This supports social peace and promotes regional de­ve­lopment.

High-quality education

Together with companies, work­forces, universities, and inward migrants, we develop and im­ple­ment reskilling oppor­tu­ni­ties. We thus lay the foundations for high-quality international edu­cation.

Less inequality

For the OECD, integration opens up equal participation oppor­tu­ni­ties for all re­si­dents of a re­gion. With our approach, we work towards the im­ple­men­ta­tion of this upward mobility promise.

Sustainable cities and communities

In order to revitalize com­mu­ni­ties outside the large cities, we support clients in developing regional attractiveness - for all residents. This is the basis for a per­ma­nent settlement of new­comers and the rejuvenation and enrichment of towns.

Dignified work and economic growth

Together with our clients, we ensure that inward migrating skilled workers are employed under the same conditions as local residents. We ensure adequate support for inte­gration.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We work from the perspective of participants and establish new forms of cooperation bet­ween community actors. This promotes lasting social change and is the prerequisite for basic transferability and lived social innovation. Together, we can im­prove healthcare, alleviate re­gio­nal depopulation, and re­vi­ta­lize communities.

Health and well-being

Without sustainable inward mi­gra­tion, e.g. of health workers (but also skilled labour in the trades or agriculture), there is a lack adequate care in many regions of Germany, as well as in other countries. In addition, there is a proven connection between economic and social de­ve­lop­ment and regional in­no­va­tion on the one hand and inward migration on the other hand. Diversity enriches every­one - in the truest sense of the word.

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